Finally, The Postpartum Anthem You Never Knew You Were Missing

Following up on their hilarious menstruation-themed parodies, HelloFlo has released a new video that takes on another women's health issue -- mastitis. In "Postpartum: The Trailer," a new mom sings about this painful inflammation that so many women face after giving birth.

This very well might be first song to contain lyrics like: "My boobs are swollen, red and sore / I leak a lot, then I leak some more / Fever's got me down for days / It's what the doctors call malaise / It sucks! I'm trapped! / My ducts are plugged, and my nipples are chapped!"

The full video for "Postpartum: The Musical" will be out next week, and if it's anything like the trailer, it promises to be an over-the-top but totally relatable ode to those first few months with a new baby.

Until then, you'll have to keep yourself occupied belting out, "Mastiiiiitis!"

H/T Today

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