Match Head Igniting In Super Slow Motion Is Absolutely Amazing (VIDEO)

WATCH: Match Head Igniting In Super Slow Motion Is Super Cool

A dying alien world? A bubbling, blue orb? A terrible new disease?

This fun new video posted by UltraSlo Studios could be of a lot of bizarre things. But in fact, the video shows a close-up view of a match head igniting in super slow motion.

The clip lasts for nearly three minutes, as the action was slowed down to 4,000 frames per second.

"As you can see this is an extremely tight shot," UltraSlo Studios wrote in its description of the video on YouTube, adding that the scene was illuminated with lights rated at more than 2,000 watts.

Founded by cinematographer Alan Teitel, UltraSlo Studios "specializes in creating unique images in slow motion and 3d," according to its website.

The latest video is legitimately "mesmerizing," noted Neatorama, which pointed out the unique view of the match head's "cascading chemical reaction... and melting globs of sulfur."

Who knew hot matches could be so cool?

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