Jason D'Aquino's Matchbook Drawings: Artist Creates Miniature Homages To Pop Culture (PHOTOS)

Jason D'Aquino creates incredibly small artworks, often on found surfaces, that rarely exceed one inch by one inch in dimension. Antique ledger pages, vintage recipe papers, old prescription forms... you name it, he's drawn on it.


But we were particularly impressed by D'Aquino's series of matchbook artworks. In his exhibition statement at La Luz de Jesus this past summer, the sentimental artist wrote, "I love the matchbook because it is a nostalgic, gritty, cheap little souvenir. I enjoy taking such a worthless surface and turning it into a coveted piece of art."

This collection of miniature sketches features famous figures from pop culture carefully rendered on the inside sleeves of strike-on-front matchbooks. The amazingly small and intricate illustrations depict graphite versions of everything from Mona Lisa to Marilyn Monroe.

Scroll down for more of the self-professed miniaturist's work in the slideshow below, and let us know what you think of his pocket-sized masterpieces in the comments section.

Jason D'Aquino's Matchbook Art

You can see more of Jason D'Aquino's work here.