BOOKS Website Matches Bikinis With Book Covers

MATCHBOOK, a pleasantly niche site created by Kate Imbach, matches book cover designs with similar-looking bikinis.

"I was inspired to start [the site] on vacation a few weeks ago. I noticed a woman at the pool reading a book that incidentally matched her bathing suit almost perfectly," Imbach told The Huffington Post via email. "For me, book design and swimwear design are now totally linked. The book cover design gives the swimsuit a mood often quite different than it has on its own without the context of the book cover."

"I include the first sentence of the book since it's always a wonderfully random non-sequitur," Imbach says. "I love reading, book cover design and swimwear equally. But reading poolside with a great book in a great bikini - that's the best."

We'll be sure to keep our outfits in mind before catching up on our summer reading.

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