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This High School Student Designed A Matching Prom Dress For Her Dog

Who needs a prom date when you've got a prom pup?

In a world where promposals come with Christian Louboutins and teens can whip up couture gowns the night before the dance, one brave high school student is going where few prom-goers have gone before: Designing a prom dress for her dog.

Eighteen-year old Brenda Cross adopted her dachshund pup Sasha two years ago, and the pair quickly became inseparable. So when prom season rolled around, Brenda knew she had to include Sasha in the big day.

“Sasha is my best friend ― basically like a daughter to me,” Brenda told HuffPost. “I wanted to share that moment with her, as well as every other big moment in my life!”

When Brenda went to get her prom dress altered, she came up with the perfect plan.

“My dress needed to be altered,” Brenda added. “So with all the fabric that was cut off, I figured I could put it to good use by making her a cute dress.”

And thus, a puppy prom queen was born.




Sasha’s dress took Brenda an entire day and a lot of hot glue to make. The results are quite impressive for her first doggy design!

Brenda’s photo shoot with Sasha quickly went viral, with tens of thousands of retweets, likes and responses. People couldn’t get enough of Brenda and her canine mini-me.

While Brenda couldn’t actually take Sasha to the dance, we’re sure Sasha felt like true prom royalty. As far as dog moms go, Brenda is on a whole other level.

We couldn’t agree more.