Mathew Knowles Discusses Plans For A Destiny's Child Biopic

Will There Be A Destiny's Child Biopic Coming Soon?

Last month’s string of Sony emails that were leaked by hackers brought controversy and unveiled private emails that were made all too public.

Among the once-confidential details the security breach highlighted was a proposed Destiny’s Child biopic presented by the group’s manager, Mathew Knowles. Shortly after the revelation made headlines on the web, the music mogul spoke about the project during an interview with the Wall Street Journal and said he would "absolutely" love to see it happen.

"Destiny’s Child, as you know, is the number one selling female group in the history of music. And their story, which starts at 9, 10-years-old in Houston, is really a story that really engages you,” Knowles explained to Wall Street Journal reporter, Lee Hawkins.

“It talks about their challenges, their successes, their failures. It talks about the death of my partner Ann Tillman. And it also talks about, which I think is one of the great aspects of a Destiny’s Child movie or a play, is the empowerment of the songs and the empowerment that Destiny’s Child has given to women.”

Beyonce's father, who in the past has publicly expressed future plans of a Destiny’s Child reunion tour, went on to add his current relationship with the group and whether or not they officially “broke up.”

“Most people don’t know that I still officially manage Destiny’s Child. And Destiny’s Child people sometimes use the word ‘broke up.’ Destiny’s Child has never broken up officially,” he clarified. “So don’t be surprised if one day there’s a new record and a tour because the group has never officially broke up.”

“There was a strategy years ago that we had that Destiny’s Child would put out an album, and each one of the ladies would put out their own solo project. And we did that because audience equals sales. Real simple. And the more audience you can build individually, which then becomes collectively Destiny’s Child, the bigger the brand becomes.”

Check out more of Mathew Knowles’ Wall Street Journal interview in the clip above.

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