Beyoncé's Dad Says He's Working On 'A Few' Destiny's Child Projects

Is there a Destiny's Child Biopic in our future?
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Nearly 10 years after Destiny's Child's last release, Mathew Knowles’ label Music World Entertainment has remained hopeful about adding a chapter to the group's legacy. And according him, fans might have something to look forward to.

During a recent interview with The Huffington Post, the music mogul -- who still manages projects related to Destiny's Child as a group, contractually -- seemed optimistic about the possibility of upcoming Destiny’s Child projects.

“I am extremely hopeful that the ladies will come back with an album and a tour. I’m working on a few Destiny’s Child projects right now,” he said. “My second book will be the autobiography of Destiny’s Child. I’m talking to the film and TV community right now, regarding a Destiny’s Child movie or TV series of some sort. But I still manage the ladies -- Destiny’s Child -- and I’m hopeful that within the next two to three years we’ll see something major come from it.”

Knowles' interest in bringing the trio’s story to the silver screen initially surfaced last year when leaked emails from the Sony hack showed he had approached the company with an idea for a biopic. Knowles later told the Wall Street Journal that his vision for the film would include the group’s rise to international fame beginning at the age of “9,10 in Houston.”

As Knowles continues to shop his Destiny’s Child project to studios, he went on to tell HuffPost that he has some potential names in mind for the film's cast -- but kept his choices under wraps.

Next month the former Xerox executive will share some of his strategies for success when he releases his new book The DNA of Achievers: 10 Traits of Highly Successful Professionals.

Among his many experiences as a music executive, one lesson he said he has learned from managing Beyoncé's career at a young age was to provide the necessary support for her passion. He went on to share the same advice to other parents assisting with their child’s future ambitions.

“For parents the first thing has to be the dream and passion of the child. There’s a difference between determination and passion, and sometimes people get that confused,” he said.

Knowles served as Beyoncé's manager, overseeing many aspects of her career, until 2011.

“The parents role is to give those tools to give their support to whatever that dream is that a child has," he said. "So this book is to inspire and motivate folks to really dig deep to see if they’re really living their passion every day.”

The DNA of Achievers: 10 Traits of Highly Successful Professionals hits stores October 15.


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