Mathu Andersen, Artist And 'Drag Race' Creative Producer, Will Blow Your Mind

If you don't know who Mathu Andersen is... you are not doing drag!

Andersen is an incredibly skilled make-up artist and the creative producer for reality television program "RuPaul's Drag Race." He is also Rupaul's personal hair and make-up artist and has been for a very long time. A visionary, Andersen gives outsiders a glimpse of his innovative work by way of his Instagram account, where he posts the the final results of the different looks he is inspired to create.

And when he's inspired, we're inspired -- and we wanted to pass the feeling along, so we compiled 10 of our favorite looks that he's showcased over the past several months. Check them out below.

Sympathy for the devil

Would you accept this bloodless grasp and comfortless embrace and lead me in the final dance?

In the hours of the moons descent. We congregate in the dusty domain of moth. All urged toward the light... But none so much as me... I have the urge to apologize for not being more prolific with posting. Time has been an issue..... Also the ideas that were occurring to me were quite strange and grotesque... Which leads me to the primary reason... I started to second guess myself and my audience... Is this too much? Not enough? What will they say? I really do appreciate the support. It is gratifying, overwhelming, inspiring, horrifying etc... you get the idea... it is a lot of things. So bless you for showing up. You are the thousands of elephants I sometimes bring into the room and try to assiduously ignore while I create... and as I type this out it dawns on me what a challenge and a blessing this pachydermal infestation is... So thank you and please don't tap on the glass... It rattles the hermit

Spirit fingers and whole of something besides

Yep..... I am a rabbit ..... A raggedy one at that. It must be Easter.... Stay tuned for the resurrection

Utterly preposterous!

Hello my lovelies.... Behold my cow eyed, wasp waisted incorrectness

Not really sure what this is about. I am just calling it Lint trap as it seems I just achieved it by rolling around on the floor

Fully in possession of my own delusion..... I think

Utterly breathtaking -- we love you, Mathu!