Matias Ferreira, Double Amputee Afghanistan War Vet, Runs Disney Half Marathon

Though racing long distances in his prosthetic legs is painful, that didn't keep Lance Corporal Matias Ferreira from completing the half marathon in Disney World on Saturday.

"They start hurting after a little bit," Ferreira told WESH about his prosthetics. "But there's no reason to stop. You just keep going."

Ferreira lost both of his legs while serving in Afghanistan and raced with two other servicemen who had been injured in combat, 14News reports. The team completed the 13.1-mile feat with Achilles International, an organization that trains people with disabilities to hit the running course.

"It's very exciting to be here," Ferreira told WESH, "to see what I can do."

Want to help other wounded warriors get back to racing? Consider donating to Achilles International here.

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