Matisyahu Invites Coffee Shop Musician To Perform At His Show

Last week, this guy didn’t realize he was singing for the reggae star. Now he’ll be sharing a stage with him.

Never stop doing what you love. You never know who’s watching ― or, in this case, singing along.

Last week, on the Hawaiian island of Maui, Clint “Kekoa” Alama was playing his ukulele and singing “One Day” by Matisyahu for spare change when a stranger began singing with him.

When the impromptu duet was over, the stranger asked Alama, “Do you know who wrote that song?” Alama replied, “Matis.”

Then, the stranger revealed, “I’m Matisyahu.”

Now, one week after the now-viral duet was posted to Facebook, Matisyahu has asked Alama to perform on a much bigger stage: the Hollywood Palladium in California.

Filming everything on Facebook Live, the reggae star called Alama last Friday only to find out that the busker was in a predicament that could have prevented him from leaving the Aloha state: After the video went viral, police officers discovered that Alama was in violation of his probation.

When Matisyahu and his bassist, Stu Brooks, ask Alama to perform in Los Angeles in the video above, Alama explains that he has been “on the run” from police and has violated his probation ― all of which might prevent him from flying out of state.

Matisyahu then tells Alama that he will “talk to whoever I have to talk to” so that Alama can make the show because, in his opinion, all Alama is doing is “trying to create love and light for the world.”

Fortunately, the Jewish singer made good on his promise and on Monday, Brooks and Matisyahu announced on Facebook Live that they’ve convinced Alama’s judge, probation officer and the district prosecutor to allow the local singer to fly from Hawaii to California and perform this Friday, Aug. 12.

All Alama had to do was turn himself in to the police.

This unexpected turn of events might be the big break that Alama needs to get his life back on the right track, with Matisyahu singing by his side.

“One day ... ”



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