Matt Barnes Views Terrorizing His Ex As Handling 'Grown Men's Business'

Jealousy is childish.

Memphis Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes is viewing New York Knicks head coach Derek Fisher's reasonable response to Barnes' infamous October attack with great contempt.

Last month, Barnes reportedly fought Fisher inside of the home of Gloria Govan, his estranged wife and VH1 reality television star, after learning that Fisher, Govan's new boyfriend, was with his children. Fisher managed to flee the home with a few scratches and didn't press charges after the police were called, but Govan reportedly planned to file a restraining order against Barnes. 

Since then, Barnes has heard enabling taunts of "Derek Fisher!" from opposing fans in NBA arenas and on Monday, he opened up on his feelings regarding Fisher while answering a question on the chants

This is a disappointing, but not unexpected take from Barnes. After all, he hasn't necessarily emerged from the attack as a "bad guy," as he characterized the story's fallout on Monday. He's had no reason to express remorse for running roughshod through Govan's home to beat up her current boyfriend. 

While many sportswriters found the whole incident particularly amusing -- two former Los Angeles Lakers teammates fighting over a girl, hoo-ha! -- Deadspin correctly pointed out that Barnes' history of alleged domestic abuse against Govan, as well as the problematic old-world gender notions borne out in Barnes' aggression, makes the entire episode a serious, scary incident. 

Let's say it plainly: A man asserting his sense of territorial rights over a woman is wrong. A man viewing a woman as he would any other piece of property is wrong. Two men negotiating the free will of a woman is wrong. 

There's no "business" to handle here -- just one misogynistic man who doesn't realize the physically harmful breadth of his own jealousy.  


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