Matt Bomer Has No Time For Gay Stereotypes In New Interview

The "Magic Mike XXL" star didn't hesitate in schooling a reporter about over-generalizing.

In a recent interview, "Magic Mike XXL" star Matt Bomer didn't hesitate to let a Hola Hollywood reporter know that her gay-specific question made him uncomfortable. 

When Dulce Osuna asked if the gay community was harder to please than the general population in terms of movies, Bomer, 37, turned visibly agitated, and then responded, "Why would I ever try to boil down an entire community into a yes or no question? Would you feel comfortable IF I said, 'Are women harder or easier to please?" 

He clarified that the message of the movie, which hit theaters July 1, was about breaking down stereotypes around sexuality and gender.

"One of the things, I think, you learn from this movie is that everyone is different," he said. "It's all about communication and a dialogue between individuals -- get rid of the labels, get rid of the shame, get rid of the stigmas and just be your most authentic self." 

All-inclusive message or not, women comprised 96 percent of the opening weekend audience for "Magic Mike XXL," which The Hollywood Reporter called "unheard of."  

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