Matt Bomer Talks Thongs For 'Magic Mike' Stripper Gig (VIDEO)

It's a good thing Matt Bomer had some good mentors on the set of "Magic Mike"; otherwise, the film may have gotten an NC-17 rating.

The "White Collar" star was one of the handsome leading men who played in the male stripper ensemble in the upcoming Steven Soderbergh-directed film. Starring Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer as a mentor stripper and his young stripper student -- and based on Tatum's life story, in which he was the student -- there was a whole host of guys taking their clothes off for the camera. Bomer generally wears suits on his show, so the special garments designed for the dancers gave him, well, a bit of trouble.

"I had never worn a thong before, so the first time I tried it, I put it on wrong and my junk didn't fit in it," Bomer told MTV. "I had to call a wardrobe person in and go, 'Something's wrong with my thong, you guys. I think we're gonna have to figure this out,' and they're like, 'Uh, yeah your legs are in the wrong holes.'"

As for the theme costume he wears before stripping down, co-star Joe Manganiello recently revealed that he was quite the studied pole dancer.

"Everybody kinda does their own thing," Manganiello told the LA Times. "Big sexy Kevin Nash has his Tarzan thing, I've got my fireman thing, Matt Bomer's got a doctor thing going on, Adam Rodriguez does a Latino lover bit."

A doctor who can't figure out a thong -- now that'd have been a sight.