Matt Braunger And Dan St. Germain Talk Sex, Drugs & Comedy On 'Too Long; Didn't Listen' Ep. 11

On a special episode recorded in Los Angeles, Matt Braunger and Dan St. Germain open up about stand-up vs. improv comedy, dating and performing with funny women, why Omaha, NE is the most depressing place on Earth and who should roast Justin Bieber in March.

In addition to some real talk about performing in New York vs. Los Angeles and what really happens when a comic gets on Variety's "Comics To Watch" list, Matt and Dan discuss some of the more awkward points of late-night dating and why they think straight, white, male, bearded comedians have a harder time getting hired these days. But, before you send in your angry emails, hear them out.

Somehow, you'll also hear about the correlation between the feeling one has after running out of cocaine vs. after paying for sex. But hey, that's just what happens when you talk about comedy.

Matt Braunger's new one-hour stand-up special "Big Dumb Animal" premieres Friday Feb. 6 at midnight on Comedy Central. Dan St. Germain's debut album "Bad At The Good Times" is out and available on A Special Thing records Photos by Mindy Tucker.

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