Matt Carter, Texas Pastor, Appears To Catch Flying Bird IN HIS HAND! (VIDEO)

WATCH: HOW Did He Do That?!?

What's that old expression about a bird in the hand? Does it have something to do with being a ninja? Because it should.

A man hunting with his buddies strained belief this week after he was featured in a YouTube video that appears to show him snatching a bird out of the air with his bare hand.

The footage is so ridiculous, even media outlets that have posted about it seemed skeptical. But the hunter in the video, identified as Texas megachurch pastor Matt Carter, swears it's the real deal.

In the 25-second video, posted Monday by the Austin Stone Church's YouTube channel, Carter, dressed in a neon orange hunting vest and holding a gun, looks up to see a low-flying bird, possibly a quail, heading straight for him. He squares up and cleanly grabs the bird with is right hand. As his friends cheer off-camera, Carter coolly holds above his head the apparently unharmed bird.

"Sweet catch," someone says.

MSN notes that the catch is "suspiciously perfect" and theorizes that the bird might have been a CGI creation, or perhaps it was trained for such a stunt.

So far, Carter is sticking to his story about the video's veracity, especially on Twitter, where he has been deluged with queries and congratulations from fans and skeptics alike.

When not catching birds in mid-flight, Carter works as a pastor at the Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, Texas. He also has a new book out -- with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colt McCoy -- which explores questions of biblical manhood.

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