Matt Damon Looks Like Such A Dad In New Photos

A cool dad, not a regular dad.

Matt Damon may double as Jason Bourne, but around his kids, he's just "Dad." 

On Monday, the actor was spotted with his wife, Luciana, and their kids at the Natural History Museum in London. Damon, who is in town filming the fifth installment of the "Bourne" series, played the part of Dad with total ease. 

Dressed in a plain white tee, unassuming black jacket and a Harley Davidson hat, Damon was snapped taking photos of his family out on an ice rink. We can only assume that Damon, aka Bourne, isn't allowed to ice skate for fear of breaking something before filming's done. 

We can only assume that after the family outing, Damon told a few classic dad jokes and talked to his family about conserving data on their Verizon cell phone bill. 

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