Watch Matt Damon Go Full Jason Bourne To Prank Unsuspecting Strangers

These people had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

In all his years of playing Jason Bourne, Matt Damon seems to have learned a thing or two about espionage. 

The actor put his skills to the test to prank a group of unsuspecting civilians into believing they were completing a top-secret mission. 

Each individual was given a phone, with Damon on the other end. The people had no idea the actor was the one speaking to them, yet for some reason continued to take instructions from a mystery man speaking to them on a random phone. One man, though, just wasn't having any of it. As soon as he got the phone, he tossed it on the ground, sending Damon into a fit of laughter. 

But for those who did stay on the phone, Damon led them through a series of tasks until they picked up a suspicious envelope from a man on a bridge. The Oscar winner made sure to joke around with them along the way, instructing one man to buy a hot dog, which apparently cost $14, and telling one girl to compliment a couple's baby.

Eventually, the individuals make their way to Damon, who surprises them with tickets to the "Jason Bourne" premiere. Their reactions are priceless. 

You can watch the hilarious video, which was created with Omaze in support of water.org, above. 

"Jason Bourne" hits theaters July 29. 



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