Matt Damon Crashes 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Disguised As Tom Brady

"I’m on the show! Touchdown!”

The “feud” between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel is alive and well.

On Monday night, Damon snuck onto “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” disguised as five-time Super Bowl champ Tom Brady. The actor came out in a full New England Patriots uniform, complete with face-obscuring helmet.

Kimmel wasn’t buying the disguise, though. After mentioning the Patriots’ victory against the Atlanta Falcons at Super Bowl LI and 2015’s “deflategate” controversy, the late night host raised his suspicions about who was really under the helmet.

“I see you got your jersey back,” Kimmel said, referencing news that Brady’s game jersey had been stolen. “Why are you still in uniform, by the way?”

“I just haven’t had time to change, because I’ve been fired up. I’ve been fired up,” Damon replied. “I kind of don’t ever want to take it off.”

The actor refused to take off his “lucky helmet,” too, so Kimmel reached over and removed it himself. But the actor still had plenty of gloating to do.

“Hey, if I’m not on the show right now, where am I?” Damon taunted. “I’m on the show! Touchdown!”

Kimmel had a ready retort: “Unless you’re on the couch, you’re not a guest on the show.”

The two stars have been famously “feuding” for years now. It all started in the mid-2000s, when Kimmel began using the line, “Apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time,” at the end of his show.

Over the years, the two have played it up. They’ve been to couple’s therapy, Ben Affleck once snuck Damon onto the show in an oversized coat, and Damon crashed Kimmel’s Emmys hosting gig in 2016. 

Will it ever end?



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