Matt Damon Reads Online Comments About Himself To Stay Humble (VIDEO)

Matt Damon explained his secrets for staying humble in the face of success and celebrity on "The Tonight Show." Damon's secret is to stay in touch with what online commenters who love to slam anything and everything have to say about him.

Damon calls it "The Daily Three." Every day he goes online, finds an article about himself and reads three user comments. He even brought along some examples to show Leno how effective his technique is.

"'Can’t believe how doughy he was in ‘We Bought a Zoo.’ Put those Twinkies down, tubby,'" Damon read. "'How is he a major movie star? There is nothing exceptional about him.'"

And finally, "'He is below average as an all-around entertainer. I just don’t get what his appeal is.'"

And just like that, there's no way he could get an out-of-control ego. It's like instead of having "Yes" men to make himself feel better, he has "You suck!" commenters to keep him in check.

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