Matt Damon Responds To Ben Affleck’s Back Tattoo Like A True BFF

The actor was much kinder in his criticism than Affleck’s exes.

Matt Damon has Ben Affleck’s back — even when it comes to bad back tattoos.

On Wednesday, Trevor Noah began an interview with the Damon on “The Daily Show” by asking if the actor and his longtime BFF, Affleck, were still friends.

When Damon responded that they were, Noah replied, “You say that, but I don’t believe a friend would allow a friend to get a back tattoo of a colorful dragon.”

The notorious ink ― portraying a phoenix rising from the ashes, not a dragon ― first made headlines in 2015, shortly after Affleck’s divorce from actress Jennifer Garner. At the time, Affleck said it was “fake for a movie,” but new photos of the actor shirtless on a beach on Hawaii with that bad boy on full display prove that, unlike the fictional creature it’s inspired by, his tattoo is completely real.

“It’s not one man’s job to tell another man what he can do to his back,” Damon responded to Noah, being much kinder in his criticism than his exes Garner and Jennifer Lopez.

“I support him in all of his … artistic expression,” he added while trying to suppress the urge to laugh.

“That’s a good friend answer, actually,” Noah acknowledged.

Aww, besties for life!

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