Matt Damon Reveals The Fun Reason Why He Did 'The Martian'

Let's say Damon's Ridley Scott impersonation is pretty on point.

Being trapped on Mars may seem like certain death, but for an A-list dramatic actor, being trapped on a terrible movie set on Mars could be equatable. Matt Damon certainly would have had no interest in starring in "The Martian" if he felt he'd constantly have to call Houston/Hollywood, or wherever his agent resides, to say there was a problem. 

So when he heard Ridley Scott was attached to direct the project, "obviously that was the end of deliberations," the actor explains in a new behind-the-scenes video provided to The Huffington Post.

"Why aren't we doing this?! This is going to be fun," Scott apparently said with grovel the first time he approached Damon.

"The Martian" comes out on digital HD Tuesday, and on Blu-ray/DVD Jan. 1, but before then, check out this exclusive video that explains how one of the best movies of the year came together: 



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