Matt Damon No Longer Directing Legal Drama

He may be cool enough to buy a zoo, but Matt Damon is ditching the director's chair for now.

After announcing his directorial debut in October, Damon is stepping down from the gig a mere three months late citing "script issues," according to Vulture.

In the legal drama, Damon is set to play salesman whose life is turned upside down upon his arrival in a small town, alongside John Krasinksi, who he was reportedly co-writing with. Whether or not Warner Bros. Pictures will stay behind the project without Damon at the helm remains to be seen, but the "We Bought A Zoo" star is still up for acting in it.

Even if the project fails to gain speed, Damon still has his work cut out for him this year as he recently signed on to the "Liberace" biopic "Behind The Candelabra" co-starring Michael Douglas, which begins filming this summer.

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