World Toilet Day: Matt Damon Talks Sh*t For Global Sanitation Awareness (VIDEO)


Though you may not have marked it on your calendars, World Toilet Day is coming up this Saturday. And Matt Damon has something explicit to say about it.

Throughout this week, the Hollywood elite turned activist and co-founder of is collaborating with the Gates Foundation, Acumen and ONE, among others, to draw attention to the 2.5 billion without access to adequate sanitation.

The "Talk Sh*t All Week" campaign highlights the surprising facts surrounding global health. In its video series, Damon tells it straight: "More people have a mobile phone than a toilet. Let's cut the sh*t," he deadpans. According to, lack of sanitation is the world's biggest cause of infection. is asking supporters to voluntarily surrender their Twitter and Facebook accounts once a day to the organization this week, allowing it to post daily updates about sanitation from your account. By logging in through the site, social media users can "donate their status" by authorizing the "Talk Sh*t" campaign to post facts, statistics and links about the sanitation crisis from today through November 19.

The campaign also asks advocates to sign a petition demanding that their representatives address the toilet crisis or donate to give someone a toilet for life.

Bill Gates is also riding toilet train. The famed philanthropist recently launching a $10 million project with German Development Minister Dirk Niebel to "reinvent" the Western toilet by developing a more economically, environmentally, and hygienically sustainable way to eliminate human waste, Die Welt reported via Time.

Among the innovations the Gates Foundation aims to build are new-age toilets don't use water at all. Gates has also hinted at the potential for transforming urine into nitrogenous fertilizer and using human feces as a source of energy, Die Welt reported via Time.

According to the World Health Organization, diarrhoea, an affliction responsible for 1.5 million deaths every year, can be reduced by up to 45 percent with basic improvements in sanitary practices.

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