Are You There, God? It's Me, Matt Damon's Glorious Man Pony

A ponytail appreciation post.

At least it’s not a phoenix back tattoo

On Tuesday, Matt Damon made an appearance at a press event in Beijing, and instead of his signature crew cut, he sported a ponytail so luscious Pantene Pro-V is probably in the process of securing an endorsement deal.

No, seriously. Not only did his fresh chestnut locks more than rival those of his “Jason Bourne” co-star Alicia Vikander, but the style is also undoubtedly the actor’s most fabulous look since his “Behind the Candelabra” Farah Fawcett hair

No, my ponytail is prettier. 
No, my ponytail is prettier. 
Damon's ponytail signs autographs. 
Damon's ponytail signs autographs. 

It’s unclear why, how or when Damon found the time to grow inches of hair, so we’re guessing the pony is mostly made of extensions. The ponytail first made an appearance at a press conference last year for Damon’s upcoming Chinese monster movie “The Great Wall.”

He later admitted on “The Graham Norton Show” that his longer mane was the result of 700 carefully placed hair extensions. 

“I did a movie in China so I was there for about five months with that thing, and we did a press conference at the very end. It was hair extensions,” Damon revealed. “There were 700 hair extensions. It was a full day to put them in. They flew somebody all the way to Beijing to put them in. Then I had to manage that hair. I have a whole new appreciation for my wife and daughter.”

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