Matt DeMember, Maryland Eighth Grader, Heaves Amazing Backward Basketball Buzzer-Beater (VIDEO)

This Kid Is About To Be Famous

It wasn't a game winner, but wow.

In a youth basketball game at Greenridge Baptist Church in Maryland, eighth grader Matt DeMember heaved -- and sunk -- an amazing, backwards, buzzer-beating shot, winning the instant adoration of the crowd.

ESPN then got a hold of the footage and tweeted it from its SportsCenter account, which won DeMember the adoration of the Internet.

Hypervocal was quick to crown the shot a paramount achievement of DeMember's life.

"When he is applying for crappy jobs he doesn’t want to do, when he is jointly filing his taxes, when he is old and gray, he will always have that one shred of happiness to cling to," Slade Sohmner wrote.

Here's hoping this shot inspires DeMember to achieve amazing feats throughout his life -- on and off the court.

(via Reddit)

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