Twitter Users School Matt Gaetz After His Sexist Dig At 'Over-Educated' Women

The Florida congressman called women rallying for abortion rights "unloved millennials" in a strange tweet.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) has produced yet another Twitter fail.

On the social media platform Wednesday, the Florida lawmaker called women rallying for abortion rights “over-educated, under-loved millennials” and then lazily tacked on a bunch of sexist stereotypes.

Gaetz is apparently riled up by the protests that erupted across the nation after a leaked Supreme Court opinion revealed the justices had voted to overturn Roe v. Wade.

In a single tweet, Gaetz proved a lot of things — but maybe not what he intended. He showed an utter lack of knowledge about the awesomeness of cats (we’re looking at you, Jorts), millennial cooking skills (does the sourdough craze ring a bell?) and a general misunderstanding of the type of people who are against abortion bans (the majority of Americans).

Plus, calling people who are pro-choice “over-educated” implies that those who are pro-life are pro-ignorant.

So, with this in mind, Twitter schooled Gaetz on the ridiculousness of his post.

Think of their very valid (and funny) responses as the kind of comments a tired and overworked teacher scrawls in the margins of a nonsensical, under-researched term paper.

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