Matt Gaetz Says He's Considering A Presidential Run And Twitter Has Thoughts

“If Trump doesn’t run, I’m sure I could defeat whatever remains of Joe Biden by 2024,” the Florida congressman told the New York Post.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) isn’t letting a federal investigation stop him from daydreaming about his future in politics.

Despite being the subject of a sex trafficking and corruption investigation, the 39-year-old congressman on Wednesday told the New York Post he’s considering running for president in 2024.

But there’s a caveat: Gaetz said he’ll only throw his hat in the ring if Donald Trump decides to not to run again.

“I support Donald Trump for president. I’ve directly encouraged him to run and he gives me every indication he will,” Gaetz told the Post in a text message. “If Trump doesn’t run, I’m sure I could defeat whatever remains of Joe Biden by 2024.”

Gaetz gave Steve Bannon, Trump’s former adviser, a similar spiel on Thursday.

“I’m for Donald Trump in 2024. This is Donald Trump’s party and I’m a Donald Trump Republican,” he said. “But if for whatever reason President Trump decided to enjoy the swamps of Florida a little more than the swamps of Washington, D.C., I’m certain I could whoop Joe Biden up one side of the country and down the other. Because the people in America want passion and excitement and inspiration in the executive.”

Although Gaetz claims he’s considering running for president, he hasn’t formed an exploratory committee to see if voters would consider electing a man whose ex-girlfriend has agreed to cooperate with investigators regarding an alleged sex trafficking operation.

Gaetz has not been charged with any crimes, but Joel Greenberg, a close associate of his, recently pleaded guilty to a slew of federal crimes including sex trafficking of a child.

Greenberg has agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in ongoing investigations that could very well ensnare Gaetz.

Not surprisingly, many Twitter users had strong opinions about Gaetz’s presidential ambitions.

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