Singer-Songwriter Matt Gold Releases 'Low' Video Inspired By His Personal Relationships

Indiana-based singer-songwriter Matt Gold says the video for his new track, "Low," is inspired from "having been broken down" in his relationships.

The song, which was released in April, melds Gold's haunting melodies with personal lyrics. The out musician, who has developed a cult following with performances on college campuses and in intimate venues across the nation, hopes the tune once again expresses "the overall human experience" as opposed to anything specifically gay or queer.

"While a pat on the back or a hug can ease your pain for a second, no one really knows what is going on inside," Gold told The Huffington Post in an interview. "They can say they relate, but can they really?"

In a music scene that has embraced openly gay performers like Sam Smith and Adam Lambert, Gold says he is ultimately happy to be "making music that is authentic to who I am" and "grateful for anyone, gay or straight, who understands my message."

"Everybody has something to bring to the table, and hopefully I am something you come back for," he added.

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