Teen Attempts To Break World Record For Youngest To Fly Solo Around The World (VIDEO)

This summer, why take a trip to the beach when you take a trip around the world instead? That's exactly what Matt Guthmiller is doing -- and his plan is ambitious.

According to The Boston Globe, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology freshman is attempting to break record as the youngest pilot to fly solo around the world.

"I'm not really nervous. Of course, once I get out an hour over the ocean for the first time and all I can see is blue, that might change a little," the 19-year-old told ABC 10News. Watch above.

The pilot began his trip on a 1981 Bonanza from El Cajon, Calif. on May 27, where it is expected to take him a total of 40 days to complete, or 160 hours of flying time. Australian Ryan Campbell, the current holder of the Guinness world record, was 19 years, seven months, and 25 days old when he took the title. Guthmiller will be that age on July 24.

A few months traveling around the globe with a possible world record on the horizon? There are worse ways to spend a summer vacation.



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