Dr. Oz To Matt Lauer: I Am 'Very Proud' Of My Show, We 'Will Survive' This

Dr. Mehmet Oz spoke in-depth Friday morning about the attacks he has received from other physicians who claim "The Dr. Oz Show" promotes "quack science."

A group of 10 doctors recently penned a letter to Columbia University, calling on Oz to resign from his faculty position. The the cardiothoracic surgeon said on NBC's "Today" Friday that many of his critics have been "unfair", and that he is "very proud" of his show.

NBC's Matt Lauer grilled Oz over whether or not he is compromising the health of his viewers by overselling products using words like "miracle" and "radical."

"Does the doctor in you ever cringe at what the talk show host in you is saying?" Lauer pushed.

The doctor said again that he is "proud" of using such positive words. When asked by Lauer if he can overcome more and more doctors speaking out against him, Oz responded: "Without question,the show will survive it."

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