Matt Lauer Loses It Over 'Package Size' Line On 'Today' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Matt Lauer LOSES IT Over 'Package Size' Line

Matt Lauer let his inner 13-year-old loose and collapsed into helpless laughter over a line about "package size" on Tuesday's "Today."

In context, of course, the line was hardly naughty: the show's financial editor, Jean Chatzky, was talking about high food prices, and telling people to watch out if the size of food packages had shrunk in the supermarket. Lauer managed to move on, but midway through Chatzky's next sentence, he lost it completely and started giggling. "Something struck me as funny there," he said.

Lauer grew so paralyzed by laughter that Meredith Vieira had to end the segment for him.

"Talk to me again about the package," she teasingly asked.


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