Matt LeBlanc's DIY Dentistry Story Is So Joey, It's Scary

The "Man With a Plan" actor told Conan O'Brien he had just $11 to his name before "Friends."

Matt LeBlanc said on “Conan” Thursday that he was once so broke, he fixed his own teeth.

In a doozy from the struggling-actors file, the “Friends” star told host Conan O’Brien that when he went to have his first headshots done, the photographer advised him to even out his teeth first.

The 51-year-old LeBlanc, who said he had $11 to his name before he was cast as Joey Tribbiani on the iconic sitcom, found a dentist to do the work, only to be told that it would cost $80. That was a nonstarter.

But the actor asked to see the file the dentist would have used to do the job, then headed to the drugstore to buy a three-pack of emery boards.

The rest is DIY dental work history.

Watch below.