Matt LeBlanc Tells Funny Story About Hiding Gray Hair On 'Friends'

Thank you, Just For Men.

Matt LeBlanc confessed a while back that he dyed his hair for “Friends.” But on “The Late Late Show” Monday, the 50-year-old actor told an amusing anecdote about how he did it.

LeBlanc explained to host James Corden that he began going gray during the second season of the iconic sitcom, and that the hair-coloring treatments were gobbling up lots of time.

So, LeBlanc said, he told the hair stylist that he discovered a potentially faster way to dye his hair ― Just For Men, which advertised a mere five minutes to wash over the gray.

The actor, who played Joey on the show, said he told the stylist, “Is it the same stuff ’cause it takes you two hours and can I do it with this stuff five minutes at my house.” LeBlanc then mimicked how the stylist looked around to avoid being found out before replying with a conspiratorial whisper, “It’s the same stuff.”

But LeBlanc’s do-it-yourself plan didn’t go as expected.

Watch the video above for the hair-raising details.

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