Matt McGorry And Amber Rose On Why Feminists Really Aren't Asking For Much

Amber + Matt = Feminism 4Ever

Matt and Amber FTW, again.

On an Oct. 14 episode of the talk show web series Larry King Now, model Amber Rose guest-hosted the show with panelists including "Orange Is The New Black" actor Matt McGorry, singer Frenchie Davis and women's sexual medicine specialist Dr. Jennifer Berman. In the clip above Rose and McGorry discuss the definition of feminism and how asking for gender equality really isn't asking for much.

After Rose defined feminism as, "the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, economic equality of men," McGorry said that it was only about nine months ago that he really discovered the true definition of feminism. 

“For me, essentially that was a moment of clarity where I said ‘Wow, if I don’t know what something that simple means what else don’t I understand?” McGorry said.  

McGorry also noted the importance of intersectional feminism. "There’s different levels of oppression depending on race," he said. "When we look at [feminism] it’s not just men and women, but transgender people and gender fluid and a-gender." 

Intersectional feminism or no feminism at all, basically. Thanks Amber and Matt. 

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