Matt McGorry Has Joined The #FreeTheNipple Movement

Matt McGorry has borrowed Miley Cyrus and Chrissy Teigen's nipples to make an important point about sexism.

In a July 8 Facebook post, the "Orange Is The New Black" star took a cue from women who are fighting online censorship by Photoshopping "permitted" male nipples over their own, "inappropriate" ones. McGorry photoshopped an old photo of himself with nipples taken from banned Instagram posts featuring the allegedly "dangerous" areolae of Miley Cyrus and Chrissy Teigen.

Hi. This is a photo of me from my bodybuilding years, circa 2010. And these are the nipples of @mileycyrus and @...

Posted by Matt McGorry on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Along with the photograph, McGorry wrote that banning women's nipples on Instagram while allowing men to flaunt their "bumpy buttons" freely is indicative of how women's bodies are sexualized and policed.

"It’s not just about getting an even tan," he wrote. "It’s one piece of the puzzle of creating deep change in the way our society objectifies women and creates these different standards for men and women (and other genders)."

McGorry wrote that he hoped the tongue-in-cheek post would make people think differently about how they view gender-based double standards, particularly when it comes to what people can and cannot do on their social media accounts.

"At the heart of it, it’s simply about gender equality and equal rights," he concluded.

Preach, Matt.

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