Matt McMullen Invites Photographer Zackary Canepari Into Sex Shop Factory

Sexing Up Silicone

In a sex doll factory in California, $7,000 individual silicone sex dolls hang stiffly by chains, their unfinished faces removed in a horror movie-esque fashion.

At Abyss Creations, long-time sculpture Matt McMullen makes fantasies come true for those looking for a little company.

And in a recent Daily Mail story, photographer Zackary Canepari takes visitors inside the factory, showing off the sometimes uneasy but always fascinating world of making a high-quality sex doll.

Canepari’s images range from pictures of lingerie-laden girls standing side-by-side, to a close-up of an eerily realistic face.

A passion project of McMullen’s for years, the designer said he spent a lot of time in his garage making mannequins before finding a niche market in sex dolls.

“I would [show my family] what I was doing, and they all thought I was weird.”

Though McMullen said he doesn’t focus on making the archetypal “supermodel” look, Canepari’s photos don’t exactly show a ton of diversity in the sex dolls’ figures.

McMullen said he makes a point of not judging those who purchase his dolls, and a person’s lifestyle choice is their own business. He does make a living off those lifestyle choices, after all.

And hey, it’s probably a step up from marrying an anime body pillow.

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