Matt Palmer, LGBT Musician, Releases 'Break-Up'

This Openly Gay Musician Just Released Your Favorite New Break-Up Track

This one is going to get stuck in your head for sure.

Matt Palmer is a pop/R&B musician whose EP "Stranger Than Fiction" served as his debut as an openly gay artist. The first track off of the EP, "Break-Up," has just been released with it's own video -- and we love it!

The Huffington Post chatted with Palmer this week about "Break-Up" and his vision for the video.

The Huffington Post: What is your concept for "Break-Up"? Matt Palmer: The concept was created by me and the director Ryan Bartley. The verses show my character's actual reaction to getting broken up with in a public place while the choruses are essentially how he sees these memories. He'd like to think he stayed calm, cool and collected while his world crumbled around him but clearly -- that's not what happened!

Who is Matt Palmer as an artist? I think of myself as a singer-songwriter at my core. While I love a polished, well-produced pop track more than anybody, all of my favorite songs can be played with just a piano and vocals and still hold up! I grew up listening to artists like Babyface, Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson, so I always try to write songs that really have emotional resonance like all of their work.

Many argue that R&B as a genre has historically been rooted in homophobia. How do you aim to combat it through your work? I don't know that I'd say R&B is rooted in that history, but I'm sure many R&B fans have listened to artists with homophobic or misogynistic points of view on their records. I think I combat that by writing autobiographical songs that people outside of my specific demographic can relate to. If someone with no experience with gay people likes my music and can relate to the lyrics, maybe they'll see that we're not all that different.

What does the future hold for Matt Palmer? This year I want to do everything I can to get people to hear "Stranger Than Fiction"! I'm so proud of this collection of songs, and I am going to do my best to get people listening. I hope to play more live shows and start writing songs to pitch to other artists later this year.

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