Matt Schaub Jersey Burned After Costly Interception In Texans' Loss To Seahawks (VIDEO)

Fans of the Houston Texans were quite heated after the team's come-from-ahead overtime loss to the visiting Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. One fan was so upset that he bought and then burned a Matt Schaub replica jersey outside of Reliant Stadium.

The ire of the fans was largely directed at the Texans' quarterback because he threw a costly interception that was returned for a game-tying touchdown with 2:51 left in the fourth quarter. With Houston clinging to a 20-13 lead and trying to run time off the clock, Schaub ran a play-action on 3rd and 4 and immediately faced pressure from Seattle's pass-rush. Schaub then floated a pass to tight end Owen Daniels on his right, but All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman read the play perfectly and returned an interception 58 yards for the touchdown.

After Seattle sealed an overtime win with a field goal, a group of Texans fans gathered around in the parking lot outside of Reliant Stadium and burned a Schaub jersey.


“I can't give you an exact reason," Schaub said about his ill-fated pass attempt to Daniels, per The Houston Chronicle. “And I know I should be able do that. But it just hurts so bad right now that it’s hard to come up with an answer for you."

Texans head coach Gary Kubiak took responsibility for play called on third down. Perhaps more disappointing to those fans calling for change -- and lighter fluid -- Kubiak insisted that he's not making a quarterback change.

“I put him in a bad situation as a coach. Obviously we have to protect the ball. I put him in a bad situation. Probably should have run the ball there and punt and play defense," Kubiak said, via CBS Houston. "But trying to be aggressive and trying to make a play and we didn’t and it ended up killing us, hurting us. I take my responsibility. I could have obviously called a better play.”