Watch Matt Stonie Nearly Unravel Eating Too Much Fruit By The Foot

The former Nathan's Hot Dog champ struggled mightily to eat 324 feet of the snack.

There’s a reason it’s not called Fruit by the Football Field.

In a video he posted this week (see below), professional glutton Matt Stonie attempted to eat 108 packs of Fruit by the Foot. By Stonie’s math, that’s 324 feet, which is more than goal line to goal line on the gridiron.

That also adds up to 8,640 calories and 1,080 grams of sugar, just a tad over the recommended 36-gram daily limit for men set by the American Heart Association.

Stonie, a former Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest champion, recently downed a 1.25 gallon In-N-Out vanilla milkshake.

But his latest sweet stunt presented special challenges. Stonie, aka Megatoad, insisted on eating the giant roll he constructed inch-by-inch, instead of biting into the whole wheel. “Man, that’s a jaw workout,” he said.

Not surprisingly, the sugar proved daunting as well.

Watch Stonie attempt to stifle his gag reflex as he strives for more piggy props below.