Watch Matt Stonie Pig Out On An Ungodly Amount Of Ribs

"Getting the meat sweats," Megatoad says.

It’s good to see that former Nathan’s hot dog-eating champ Matt Stonie still excels at the meats.

Stonie, aka Megatoad, attempted to eat 100 St. Louis-style ribs in his latest viral vid.

Ranked third in Major League Eating, the dude remains undeterred in his quest for glutton greatness. Just watch him go.

What a pleasure to see him enjoy his work. He mentions how much he likes the ribs on more than one occasion.

Now check out that double-fisted bone-strip. Legend.

You’ll have to tune in above to see how Stonie managed 15,000 calories of ribs (by his estimation). Hint: the professional porker beat the pork.