Matt Von Roderick Makes Jazz Dangerous Again

Alt-jazz/rocker/trumpet player Matt Von Roderick is prepping his new music and stage show, "A Technicolor Experience," premiering at King King in Hollywood, August 2. The innovative production is directed by Tony-nominee Kristin Hanggi.

"It's an amazing thing, to make art of your life," says Roderick. "That's what we're doing, essentially, is creating a modern visual piece from my songs, which contain my beliefs, perspective and experiences -- the bright and shiny parts and the dark edgy parts too."

He's thrilled to be working with Hanggi, who launched her Broadway hit "Rock of Ages" at the same venue, as well as the Pussycat Dolls at the Roxy. The show is a visual performance stunner that pays homage to today's Katy Perry world as well as the era of speakeasy jazz.

"We give a nod to the 20s, when bold trumpet players led the sound of prohibition-era rebellion in dark clubs, with mind-enhancing substances and a lot of physical intermingling," explains Roderick.

Check out one of Roderick's 'dangerous' performance here: