Twitter Explodes Over Off-The-Wall Question About Men And Women Eating Together

"Is coffee adultery? Is soup?"

Believe it or not, two people of the opposite sex eating together doesn’t always end in a night of unbridled passion.

On Tuesday, a Washington Post profile about Karen Pence, wife to Vice President Mike Pence, surfaced an intriguing tidbit first revealed to The Hill in 2002. Pence will not eat alone with any woman who is not his wife, nor will he go to any events serving alcohol without his wife alongside him.

The couple’s strict marriage rules have sparked a lot of controversy and some downright mockery. But what really got Twitter riled up, was when conservative blogger Matt Walsh weighed in on Wednesday, asking if there’s ever an “appropriate reason” for a married person to go out for a meal alone with someone of the opposite sex.

People came up with some pretty solid reasons.

Some responded to Walsh’s question with more questions.

Lots of people mocked the question, offering hilarious takes on the danger that comes from men and women existing in space together.

And some people pointed out that there were more serious implications to that marriage “rule,” especially in the workplace.

And of course, the “opposite sex” rule completely discounts queer people and same-sex relationships, but based on Pence’s record with LGBTQ rights, that shouldn’t be that surprising.

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