On Matters of Size (PHOTOS)

On Matters of Size (PHOTOS)
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I had the unique experience of photographing a behind-the-scenes of the 2nd Annual Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant hosted at Kings County Bar.

Other than the occasional wardrobe malfunction, there was a very small amount of penis on display at the event. This isn't really a surprise considering the whole thing was inspired by women, hosted by a women, organized and run by women, juried by women and attended mostly by, yep, women. You can bet it would have been an entirely other (more graphic) experience had men been at the helm.

By appearance it was basically a well attended bachelorette party hosted at dive bar. But by experience, it was something a bit more than that. To me, it felt like a sweetly spirited middle finger at body issues in general. For whatever these guys may have lacked in penis size, they certainly made up for in balls. Their courage was astounding and there was a bevy of babes in attendance who were extremely interested in what they had to offer. In the end, I left with the sense that a small penis isn't, in fact, a big deal and that there really is someone for everyone out there.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

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Poster for the 2nd Annual Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant.

Bar owner Amy Atura helps contestant 'Twig-N-Berries' get ready for the show.

The Kings County Bar staff setting out the Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant merchandise.

Cell phone capture of Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant decorations.

Contestant 'Peter Parker' sipping some liquid courage.

Contestants ready to take the stage, from bottom to top: 'Raj', 'Peter Parker', 'Puzzle Man', 'Twig-N-Berries' and 'Ruffio'.

Audience members ready for the show.

Contestant 'Rufio' introducing himself to the crowed.

Pageant contestants working the swimsuit competition on the bar.

Master of Ceremonies, drag queen "Chicken Bitches" takes the stage.

'Puzzle Man' blinded by a camera flash while striking his 'Silence of the Lambs' pose during the pageant talent competition.

Master of Ceremonies, "Chicken Bitches" head dress.

Contestant "Raj" is announced as the winner of the 2nd Annual Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant.

Last years winner Nicholas Gilronan crowns Raj amidst celebration.

Five of the most courageous men on the face of the earth.

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