Matthew Carter, New York Teen, Wins $3 Million Lottery

A Rochester, N.Y., teenager won $3 million in an instant lottery game by using $10 he won playing a different instant game.

"That's one hell of a reinvestment," Matthew Carter, 18, quipped to the Democrat And Chronicle.

Carter was at a gas station with his older brother when he noticed a customer who bought several lottery tickets in a row. The teen said he predicted the next ticket would be the winning ticket, and he was right.

Carter will receive $99,270 per year until 2031.

According to the Fairport-East Rochester Post, the teen works part-time as a roofer and plans to go back to school to study mechanics. (He also reportedly took the day off from work upon winning).

On Friday, Carter was presented with a giant check at the store where he bought the ticket.

"It is mind boggling, you never thought you'd be the one up here holding the big $3 million check, you always see it on tv, but it is still shocking," Carter told, Your News Now. "The odds of coming out here that day and what not are very slim, but I am holding the check ain't it?"

The news outlet also reported that Carter plans to buy a car and purchase his mother's house.

Carter is at least the third teen to win a lottery in recent months.

In June, an 18-year-old from Brooklyn won $1,000 a year in the New York lottery's "Win For Life" scratch off game, becoming the youngest person to ever win that particular game.