Chicago Settles Lawsuit Brought By 2 Men Beaten Allegedly By Police (UPDATED)

Looking For Tips In Alleged Police Beating

UPDATE: In June of 2013, the City of Chicago paid $185,000 to settle a federal lawsuit brought by two men who were attacked in 2010 in the parking lot of an area restaurant, allegedly by two plainclothes police officers. The beating, described below, was caught on closed-circuit video.

Roughly a year and a half after the settlement, the men who brought the suit, Matthew Clark and Greg Malandrucco, published a lengthy account of the attack and its aftermath in Vice. In it they recount the legal and emotional ordeal they endured to arrive at the settlement -- which is not an admission of any wrongdoing on the part of the city or its officers -- amounting to $45,000 each.

"Payouts like the one we got are empty victories and everyone close to us knew it was nothing more than the final insult we were forced to accept," they wrote.

Clark and Malandrucco spoke to radio station WBEZ upon the publication of the article in December 2014. They explained how later events in Ferguson, Missouri, were part of what prompted them to revisit the attack, "to show people that while police violence targets people of color ... in tremendous disproportion to the rest of the population, this form of police violence is so arbitrary that it can ... result in an attack upon individuals regardless of class status, or regardless of neighborhood, or race. So we think it's important for the public to acknowledge the tremendous power that police institutions are wielding at this moment in time."

The individuals responsible for the attack have not been identified. The three officers who arrived on the scene of the attack and who were named in the suit -- Nelson Crespo, Brian Postrelko and Michael Torres -- are still with the department, according to the latest available city data.


Two graduate students at the University of Chicago are looking for help in solving a ruthless beating they suffered, allegedly at the hands of plainclothes police officers.

Matthew Clark and Greg Malandrucco were having a late-night bite at Arturo's, a 24-hour taco restaurant in Chicago's Bucktown neighborhood, one night in February of last year. According to a lawsuit filed by the two men against the Chicago Police Department, Malandrucco accidentally bumped into a man while putting on his coat.

That man and a companion, both allegedly cops, then followed the two out of the restaurant and confronted them in a parking lot. They proceeded to savagely beat Clark and Malandrucco, leaving one unconscious and both in need of serious medical attention.

A squad car arrived on the scene, but rather than stopping the attackers, the lawsuit states that the officers joined in on the beating, "switch[ing] places with the plainclothes officer who was on top of Malandrucco, holding him down and striking him in the process." Surveillance video appears to lend credence to that story.

More than a year later, Malandrucco tells CBS that the city is refusing to reveal the identities of the officers they claim were involved in the incident. To help them move their case forward, they have posted new, wide-angle surveillance footage in addition to the closer footage that was already available, and they've made audio of their 911 call public as well.

That call is almost immediately interrupted by a shouting voice, which Clark and Malandrucco claims belongs to one of the officers, who then punched Clark in the face to keep him from finishing the call.

The two victims have also set up a toll-free tip line at (800) 621-3908, and are offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who can identify the officers in question, according to a separate CBS report.

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