Matthew Connors' 'Occupy New York' Photos Projected Onto Storefront For Art And Architecture (PHOTOS)

You have seen them in marches, crowds and tents, on television, in the news and in your city. The activists of Occupy, aka "the 99%," are often seen as a giant, seething group. In a pop-up exhibition at the Storefront for Art and Architecture last week, we got the opportunity to look at the individual faces of Occupy New York projected on to the space -- bringing a level of intimacy to the broad movement.

Matthew Connors' black-and-white photo collection "Occupy New York" captures a diverse collection of protesters, from the exhausted to the proud and the hopeful. (One wears a button reading "1% can kiss my ass!!") Some of the portraits taken at Zucotti Park and related protests show people who have been active in the movement since their start last September, while others depict those who were likely at their first event. While no two participants look alike, a persistence and power is visible in their gazes. Through these images, Connors gives a simple yet powerful portrait of the movement that may define the generation.

"Occupy New York" showed at the Storefront for Art & Architecture on May 3, 2012.

Matthew Connor