Here's Every High-Quality Photo We Can Find Of Matthew Dellavedova On The Floor

Watching Matthew Dellavedova fly around the floor, it's clear to us this average-looking white guy is a danger to himself and others. Known for his hard-nosed, pesky playing style, the Cleveland Cavaliers' 24-year-old second-year Australian guard has been a thorn in the side of every team he's faced this NBA playoffs season. This year, the Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks have had to endure an even more reckless Dellavedova. Now, he's somehow ramped up his intensity even more against the Golden State Warriors in the Finals. Oftentimes, that means he's ending up on the floor in a rugby-style scrum.

Dellavedova doesn't have an NBA physique or much natural basketball talent, but he's certainly got enough of a loose screw to will himself to greater heights (LeBron's helped conjure that out of him, of course). Sometimes, however, hitting those performance levels involves a disregard for one's own physical well-being -- I'm talking about hitting the hardwood floor and scrambling for errant passes and loose balls against 7-foot giants. Similar to a football pile-up, nothing is off limits for Dellavedova once he sticks his head in the scrum.

It's impressive to watch, and definitely a little bit hilarious too. So we decided to round up as many high-quality photos as possible of Dellavedova in a scrum for everyone. It's Dellavedova's floor. We just stand on it.

dellavedova klay

dellavedova lee

dellavedova green grab

dellavedova lee wide

dellavedova barnes

dellavedova lee over

dellavedova stepped over

dellavedova layout

dellavedova hands up

dellavedova hawks

matthew dellavedova hawks

dellavedova pass

dellavedova taj

dellavedova celtics

dellavedova paul

dellavedova australia

dellavedova aussie

The pride and joy of St. Mary's.
dellavedova st marys


Even in high school, the floor was home to Delly.
dellavedova high school



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