Matthew Dempsey, Psychotherapist, Shares Video About 'Gay Men And Body Image'

Psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey is back with the latest in his series of videos that explores issues affecting gay men.

In this video, Dempsey tackles the issue of body image among gay men, a topic that is all-too-familiar to men who tend to navigate queer spaces. Dempsey approaches his analysis from the mentality that body issues are oftentimes tied to internalized problems that aren't necessarily physical at all.

"Since things like beliefs and feelings are so abstract, projecting those issues onto our physical selves gives us something we can tangibly fix," Dempsey states in the above video. "The problem here is we're really only scratching the surface and treating the symptom, not the issue."

Check out the video above to hear Dempsey talk more about gay men and body image. Missed the previous videos from Dempsey? Head here.