Matthew Hoh, Daniel Ellsberg Discuss Aghanistan, Vietnam Wars (VIDEO)


Matthew Hoh and Daniel Ellsberg, recently sat down for a conversation about the war in Afghanistan.

Matthew Hoh made headlines late last month when he resigned from the U.S. State Department. Hoh, 36, became the first known U.S. official to resign in protest over the war in Afghanistan. Ellsberg, gained notoriety in 1971, after he leaked parts of the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times as part of an effort to end the Vietnam War, a war that he argued was "a wrongful war."

Below are two clips from Hoh and Ellsberg's exchange documented by Brave New Films.

Both wonder what the US is doing in Afghanistan, arguing that American hubris is one of the things keeping the country from learning the lessons of the Soviets' War in Afghanistan.



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