Matthew Hoh Interviewed By Zakaria: 60,000 Troops In Afghanistan Won't Defeat Al Qaida (VIDEO)

Matthew Hoh, a former Marine who served in Iraq, joined Fareed Zakaria on his CNN show today to discuss why he felt compelled to resign his diplomatic post in Afghanistan over the war. Hoh told Zakaria that he no longer believed in the mission, and that the war was not "worth our guys dying for":

If I believed that 60,000 troops in Afghanistan would defeat al Qaida somehow, which it won't, I would have stayed in Zabul province, which I've told everybody was the second best job I've ever had in my life. However, the other part of it, the administration was going to make its decision shortly, and then I would be stuck. And if I don't believe in it, if I don't think this cause is right, if I don't believe it's justified, then there's no reason to take that position.

Hoh called the strong reaction to his leaving "overwhelming" and said he never planned to be in the spotlight for this length of time. However, he's received such an "outpouring" of support from Afghan-Americans and active duty military members that he is determined to remain part of the conversation until it no longer "makes sense" for him to do so.


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